Classes start at just $45 a month. We also offer a sibling discount as well as a multiple class discount! Here is how that breaks down:

1 Class- $45/month

2 Classes- $85/month                  

3 Classes- $120/month

4 Classes- $150/month

5 Classes- $175/month

6 Classes- $195/month

7 Classes- $210/month

8 Classes- $220/month

9+ Classes- $225/month

We also offer solo, duet, and trio classes that do not fall under our discounted rates. Please ask about these if you are interested in your child taking one of these classes

Combination Classes on Saturdays are $50/month


Summer Camp


Our Summer camp prices are $100 a week. Camps are Monday through Friday from 7:00am-6:30pm. 

Make sure to bring a packed lunch (NO PEANUT PRODUCTS)